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Who Are We?

The Utah Bureau of Forensic Services Laboratory System (aka, the State Crime Lab) was created by the Legislature to provide timely and comprehensive criminalistic services to criminal justice entities within the State of Utah.  By statute (53-10-104), the laboratory shall: “(5) analyze evidence from crime scenes and crime-related incidents for criminal prosecution; (6) provide criminalistics laboratory services to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, prosecuting attorneys’ and agencies, and public defenders…”

The Bureau of Forensic Services is located within the Utah Department of Public Safety and has been accredited since 1996 by ASCLD/LAB and transitioned to the ASCLD/LAB International  program in 2007. The Bureau is the only full-service, forensic science provider in the State and provides the following services:

  • Scientific Consulting: Our scientists are available for laboratory consultation during normal business hours or after hours through the crime scene call out phone.  We encourage contact and believe that constructive discussions between laboratory scientists, crime scene personnel, investigators and prosecutors greatly assist in the criminal justice fact finding mission.  For complex cases, we ask that a meeting between all applicable entities be held prior to the submission of evidence.  This meeting will greatly assist in expediting the most probative samples for laboratory testing


  • Law Enforcement Training: The laboratory is the sole provider of comprehensive forensic science training for Utah law enforcement.  We provide training for minimal or no charge.  The following is a list of trainings offered:
    • Field Investigation Drug Officer (FIDO)
    • Marijuana Leaf Identification
    • Basic Crime Scene Specialist
    • Advanced Crime Scene Specialist
    • Shooting Scene Reconstruction
    • Evidence Preservation and Packaging
    • DNA Academy
    • Latent Print Detection, Documentation and Collection Course


  • Crime Scene Response: The laboratory has the distinction of maintaining the only accredited crime scene team in the state and is capable of deploying anywhere.  We do not have a separate crime scene unit but rather our employees serve a dual role as both forensic scientists and crime scene responders.  This service is available to law enforcement agencies during all hours.  We encourage calls, even if it is a submission question.
  • Courtroom Testimony: The criminal justice must have accurate facts in which to make its determinations.  Hence, the ultimate success of the scientific consultation, law enforcement training, and laboratory testing resides in how well the final report and examiner testimony is received in the courtroom.  Consequently, all of the Bureau’s scientific staff are court-qualified forensic experts in their respective disciplines.  We encourage all legal entities with questions to contact the laboratory for further information.